Tuesday, January 27, 2009

majicJack rips off consumers; leaves behind spyware

Have you heard of "majicJack"? It is a usb port device and you plug any phone into it, after which you get unlimited local and long-distance service for only
$19.95 YEAR.
Yes, you read right, only it's a rip off.
It won't work on anything as old as Windows 2000. Fortunately, I own a newer computer, too, so I installed this rip-off phone service on that computer. It was then that I discovered all the available AREA CODES were 200 miles away on the other side of the state. My neighbor would have to call me long distance.
So I tried to uninstall it. But it leaves behind PERMANENT spyware. You don't think so? It's worse than that. Read this site from BroadBand Nation. It will scare you.
Read the good and the bad at PissedConsumer.
Read some more complaints.
This one from Broadband DSL Reports will knock you off your chair.
Call either of these phone numbers and find out how easy???--how HARD--it is to contact majicJack.
Magic Jack Phone number: 281-404-1551
Billing MagicJack number: 561-594-2140
CAUTION: it looks like they track the number that calls and places you into a repeating loop if you call back a second time. so if you need to call a second time make sure it's from a different number. [from BroadBand Nation]
Go to the Majic Jack website and there they lie to you. Quote: "As of Midnight on February 28, 2008 - local phone numbers for the Magic Jack (which you select during installation process) are confirmed in Washington, D.C. plus the following 42 USA States (States & local exchanges added regularly):"
The last part of that quote does not lead you to think the local area code you want is not available. I live on the west side of Michigan. All the available area codes were for central/east Michigan, near Detroit. From Detroit I live half way to Chicago.
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